Frequently asked questions:


How does Solomon make money?

We generate revenue by collecting the interest on the cash value of our users' accounts, just as a bank would collect interest on your cash deposits. This allows us to offer 0% commission sports betting, and give you the winnings you deserve.

Who can use Solomon?

At this time, we will only be available to UK residents of legal gambling age, but we do have plans for broader expansion in the future.

When will Solomon be launched?

We will be launching in two phases, the first phase being the Solomon Marketplace. The Marketplace allows users to compare odds and gamble on any exchange from our platform, and will be launched in the summer of 2018.

The second phase is the Solomon Exchange - our very own betting exchange where you will be able to enjoy commission-free sports betting. This will follow in beta a few months after the Marketplace release.

How does Solomon's Early Access waitlist work?

Our waitlist works on a first-come first-served basis. When you sign up, you secure your place in line as the waitlist has a limited number of openings. This will grant you Early Access to our initial products and offerings when they launch, and gives you the opportunity to be some of the first users to be able to use our platforms.

Referring your friends and family will move you up the list, ensuring your Early Access. Referrals will also reward you with additional perks.

What sports and events will Solomon offer?

We will offer the same sports and events as all major gambling exchanges. However, we will be phasing in the less popular events as our user base and demand for these events grow.

What devices will Solomon be available on?

Our platforms will be available on iOS and Android devices to start with, and will later on be optimized for all web browsers.